Leila R. (La Mirada, CA)
Posted on May 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

I just came from Cherry’s Salon earlier today and I must say how much I love this salon. I made an appointment for my hair rebonding (Japanese) at 1:30 in the afternoon. I arrived at 1:15 because even though I’m Filipino, I try to come in earlier than my appointment to prove the whole cliché that Filipinos are always fashionably late.

Well, as I came in, I can see that there are other clients waiting to be helped as well. I realized then that Cherry’s Salon is a well-known salon in the community because you can see that they are always busy and the interior design of the salon is chic and modern. It is the type of salon that I love going to because you know that they have a good eye for things. It is not a quiet salon either, it is lively with their music and they also have televisions.

I was not seated into a station until 2:00 but I was informed as I came in that there were clients and that I would have to wait and I had no problem with that. If you are planning to have your hair done and you know the process is long, you should have your schedule free from errands. So, waiting was not a problem for me and I kept myself busy with my books. I came prepared because coming into hair salons you never know how busy they are.

The hair stylist that helped me was Sol and she is Cherry’s sister. They are both VERY lovely women and although I had my doubts about having my hair rebonded, Sol really made me feel comfortable and even informed me from the beginning that with the high lights in my hair the process would be different. I enjoyed the experience at Cherry’s Salon and I am happy that my auntie had recommended me here. It is difficult to trust your hair to anyone, as we all know, hair is an important aspect in a woman’s beauty. The five hours I was with Sol, I enjoyed talking and laughing with her. They are all so friendly and really take care of you. I can call Sol like my ate now because she is very family oriented and I love that about this salon. Also, shampoo and conditioning my hair was very relaxing. I have now told my own mom and titas and lolas to come in and have their hair done at Cherry’s Salon. My first visit won’t be my last. I actually plan to come in to have my hair cellophaned in a week.

On a side note, I noticed Cherry cuts/styles hair fast, but not in hurry and I just want you to get out fast, but I mean she just knows what she is doing and is efficient with her time. Also, they are a clean salon and I value that. I don’t like seeing hair salons looking messy. If Cherry wasn’t working on a client, she was cleaning and keeping her salon in good condition. So, overall, I rated it five stars.


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